South Coast Botanic Garden Wedding

south coast botanic garden wedding

South Coast Botanic Garden wedding is just one of the most beautiful options you should consider especially when it comes to your special day. Wedding day is supposed to be once in a lifetime so it should be sacredly and happily at the same time. It is not impossible if your wedding is held in this botanic garden since the venue is more than just beautiful. Besides, you will be surrounded with plenty of flowers and calm nature along with your beloved family and friends.

The garden offers the many varieties of opportunities if you want to host your own wedding, meeting, or the other celebrations for special occasions. And this garden is simply the most scenic space for outdoor venues in South Bay. And the garden is not only offering the venue but also the other service. The setting for your event will be really perfect because the garden provides various options for the space.

One of the venues available is South Coast Botanic Garden Amphitheater. In the work days, the amphitheater provides the attraction but of course you can use this venue for your wedding ceremony, elopement or engagement party. South Coast Botanic Garden wedding plan offers the plans for at least 20 people up to 400 guests. They have a team that will help anything you need related to your events.

Rental venues and capacity of the venues

The garden offers two types of venue such as the outdoors and indoors. The outdoor venues consist of 5 places. The Upper Meadow can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. The Lower Meadow is available for up to 300 guests. The Amphitheater is designed for 150 guests at maximum number. Koi Pond can accommodate up to 150 guests. And Courtyard can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. But of course it also depends on the setup in the venue.

For the indoor venue, the garden also provides several spaces. For the Hall, it can hold up to 250 guests. The Classrooms can be occupied by up to 45 guests. The Kitchen can accommodate more than the numbers we mentioned above. But still, it will depend on the setup at the scene.

Meadow packages fee – South Coast Botanic garden wedding

south coast botanic garden amphitheaterThe rental fee of South Coast Botanic Garden wedding plan depends on several factors such as the location you choose in the garden, how many guests that will come, the day you rent the venue, and what type of event you want to throw. This is why you better contact the special team of the gardens for events.

For the Upper Meadow the budget starts from 4,000 US dollars. The capacity is ranging from 150 up to 1,000 guests and of course it depends on the setup of the venue.

The Lower Meadow package budget starts from 2,000 US dollars for 50 up to 300 guests. The price will depend on the exact number of the guests you invited and the event you throw at the garden.

The Meadow Package includes several items such as the venue rental, the monitor of the site, rehearsal for the wedding ceremonies with schedule, self-run, or one-hour type. Other than that, you will be allowed to sign the photography early admission. You will get the trash disposal for free and also the other basic things for even rentals. The complimentary parking and expertise of event logistics are also available if you purchase the Meadow Package.

There are also several additional venues such as amphitheater, Frances Young hall, Koi Pond, and Classrooms. If you need further information about wedding package, you can ask to the special team for event of South Coast Botanic Garden Wedding.

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