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Sheffield Botanical Gardens

sheffield botanical gardens

Enjoy the View and Garden Music in Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Sheffield botanical gardens are located about 1 mile in south west of Sheffield City Center. This site was located on south, west sloping aspect around the residential area which also closer with local business, big hospital and Sheffield University.  This garden had been located on 12o m of altitude. The soil was the slightly acid of clay loam.

The Sheffield botanical gardens were originally designed by Robert Marnock on 1800-1889 with the Gradebesque style. You should know that the Glass Pavilions which were some earliest structure for curvilinear glass that ever made. This garden also become the public garden which very popular with the string horticultural and botanical interest with free entry throughout 264 days a year.

The central features from these Gardens were the sweeping lawns with some mature trees which also create background as the setting restored linear of glass Pavilions. The grand center will lead to the Pavilions glass that framed with colorful herbs. The beautiful gate also had been equipped with the Victorian accents. botanical gardens sheffield events

This garden had been initiated on 1833 and designed by Robert Marnock for recreation and education of original member from Sheffield Botanical and Horticultural Society. So, this Sheffield botanical gardens is green paradise in middle of city with many places that you can enjoy. This is also listed by English Heritage as the Grade II of sire and also contain of some buildings which also listed into beautiful glass pavilions. There are many areas that you explore, start from Four Season graden which provide you with changing display in a year, traditional rose garden, Birch Hill, Rock and Water Garden.

There are some botanical gardens Sheffield events that you can enjoy, such as: Music in the garden, open air theater and more. You can check on their official site to know more information. They also provide Sheffield botanical gardens wedding and held ceremony along with reception in gardens. The central dome pavilion on this garden have license for civil weddings and blessings as well. This is can be one of unique venue that also becomes perfect spot that can celebrate you most special moment. You can call the coordinator for more information about the wedding venue.

There are main facilities that you can get in this garden, they are: Curator’s House Restaurant and Tea Rooms, public toilet, Gatehouse & Information and Classroom & glasshouse demonstration. Beside that there are some key features, they are: Curator house, gatehouse, main entrance, pan statue, curvilinear glass pavilions, riddle trail structure, fossil tree, bear pit and more. So, there are lot activities that you can spend in this garden.

botanical gardens sheffield eventsThe main denatured of gardens had been surrounding by the winding paths and the informal planting which create different character zone as well. The ethos from this regeneration project is restoration of key features and the reinstatement for main open spaces and the view and vistas had been come in late 19th century themed. There are 15 different character areas that had been developed. Each of them is unique and based on the geographic or botanical.

There are 3 collection that hosted by gardens, they are: Diervilla, Sarcococca, and Weigela. As mentioned before that this Sheffield botanical gardens have extensive events, such as: theater, music, Christmas illumination and art show. Botanical gardens Sheffield opening times, for Winter openings (8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) on weekdays, and closed 4:00 PM on weekend.  Then for Summer openings (8:00 AM – 7:45 PM) on weekdays and 10:00 AM – 7:45 PM on weekend. They also closed on Bank Holidays and Christmas Day. For glass pavilion is open everyday 11:00 AM – 3:30 PM.

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