New Orleans Botanical Garden

new orleans botanical garden

New Orleans Botanical Garden

Have you ever been to New Orleans Botanical Garden? What is so special about this? This a beautiful and unique city park in New Orleans that has been beautifying the city since 1854. This is the park that has been open to people since 1930s. The park is the home of gardens that are cultivated well. Visitors can enjoy browsing the city park from one garden to another.

This is also one of the American oldest city parks that have been visited by so many visitors every year. The city park has a mission to preserve and improve itself in order to provide people with the beauty, culture, and education while doing recreation.

This park is famous for its history about Katrina—the hurricane and the Great Depression. It was the administration of Roosevelt that invested twelve million dollars to develop this park in 1930s when the Great Depression happened.botanical gardens new orleans

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) paid people to build fountains, roadways, and stadium called Tad Gormley. That is why we can see many pieces of arts in this park coming from this era.

The Katrina Hurricane which happened in 2005 made the city park full of flood water for several weeks. The damaged garden alone lost 43 million dollars.  New Orleans people must love this city park very much that they felt responded to raise fund. The fund was for repairing and improving the city park.

Botanical Gardens New Orleans

Nowadays, the city park offers something different to its visitors. In this 1.300-acre park, visitors can enjoy jogging, walking, biking, art, golfing, playing Tennis, etc. The classic activity in a garden–enjoying the plants and flowers–of course is always interesting to do. Seeing the different kinds of ancients Oaks in here is surely interesting and beneficial.

The Botanical Gardens New Orleans in fact is the home of mature live Oaks including the Grand Oak aged about eight hundred years and famous for its sculptural shape. Many people love to just sit, read book, or have a nap right under the Oak trees in this New Orleans city park. Other great events in this garden hosted by staff are available.

Those who love to enjoy roses by smelling the fragrance and seeing the roses or other flowers, they can go to the Botanical Garden, and the art lovers can visit Besthoff Sculpture Garden. The Golf course of 18 holes, paths, and the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park for having family-and-friends activities are great places in the city park. For almost one hundred years, riding the carousel has been the park visitors’ favorite. Other interesting activities people do in this park are enjoying concerts, dance performances, and legendary duels that have been existed since hundred years ago.

If you want to visit this garden, you can come every day from 10am to 5pm. The last entry for visitors is at 4pm. Buying gifts is a must, too for you can buy any unique things promoting this park. The City Park Botanical Gardens New Orleans is cheap especially to flower and plants lovers since there are various flowers available almost every month. Usually, January and February are the months with snows. However, the Japanese Magnolias and Camellia japonica will start blooming which will last in March. The weather also can change from cold to hot just like that. Some flowers sometimes bloom even in winter.

Another great thing about this garden is you can have a birthday party here. The whole family and friends can get together in a special place in the garden celebrating birthday while enjoying the beauty of nature. If you are interested in visiting this Public Gardens New Orleans, you should prepare it well or you will miss the interesting activity or spot.

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