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National Botanic Garden of Wales

national botanic garden of wales

Beautiful Countryside Garden in National Botanic Garden of Wales

Wales offering you with a lot of top local attraction or beautiful places that you can visit, one of them is national botanic garden of Wales. Sometimes vacation without high expectation can be your best option.  If you do not influence by hype and being under pressure to hit must see thing, you can go just simply go with that flow and discovering what make is place special. National botanic garden of Wales can be your one of recommendation options that you can go with your family and discovering something unusual and new.

This national botanic garden of Wales had been located in beautiful countryside Carmarthenshire and this garden was best combination between modern and historical side. In this garden, you will find a lot of different themed gardens, which is also become the World’s largest single span glasshouse and there are some other hit spots, such as: play ground, new tropical butterfly hose and national nature reserve. All these beautiful landscape had been set on Regency and providing you with many program events as well.national botanic garden of wales

They also offer you with some courses throughout the year. You can see type of courses by their official site. National Botanic Garden of Wales tries to develop the world class of national botanical garden which dedicated to the research and conservation of biodiversity and their sustainable utilization as well.

You can enjoy the view and learning something in fun way. As the first national botanical garden which had been built in United Kingdom in 200 years, so this is a garden that can reflect the future as well as reflecting past period. As mentioned before that these themed were summed as the double wall garden, majestic revival that was overlooked by Great Glasshouse futuristic. It shows great shaped technological which able to maintain the Mediterranean climate.

The dome was become the house of exotic plants around the globe and had surrounded by lake, woodlands, cascades and the longest herbaceous border in United Kingdom as well. There are some histories in this garden. National Botanic Garden of Wales also had been located on land whose history as the estate stretches on more 400 years back.

botanical gardens wales christmas fairNowadays, this garden becomes the center of some activities with the packed program events. The attraction including of Life Long Learning Center, Discovery Center, Children’s Farms, Theater Botanic and the apiary garden with the bee. So there are a lot of activities and events that you spend here and create a great memory with your family.

On this month, there are some living attractions that you can see. One of them is Pink Rockrose. This resin from this plants also can be used to make a perfume, even the Greek monk also collected aromatic gum, ladanum from this leaves of pink rockrose and use it to make oil and perfume. You can look at the Mediterranean area of Great Glasshouse.

The other living attraction in this month is Snowdon Lily which can be the first Welsh victor of climate change as well. this is very rare plant ever and this month  is the best time too look for. This plant had found on late 17th century and this lily grown in the damp crack and small crevices in the Snowdonia. So, this is your best opportunity to look this rare plant.

The opening times is 1April-31 October (10:00 AM – 6:00 PM) and 1 November-31 March (10:00 AM – 4:30 PM). You can check the admission site and other living attraction on their official site. For botanical gardens Wales Christmas fair, you can contact them to find more information as well.

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