Naples Botanical Garden

naples botanical garden

Naples botanical garden was built in 1993 by a group of local plant lovers and visionary. The same thoughts make them establish a botanical garden in Florida. The establishment of this botanical garden is conducted in several stages. In 2000, Kapnick donated $5 million to buy 170 acre in Naples. Finally, in 2008, Naples botanical garden was not a dream anymore. It succeeded to build with some imperfect constructions. The construction improvements were conducted until 2010. It was opened for public in 2010 being a beautiful botanical garden.

Naples Botanical Garden, the Shady Garden in Florida


Botanical gardens Naples becomes the most favorite place for many people to hang out in Florida and Naples. It has some reasons convincing them to select this garden. This garden welcomes more 220.000 visitors per a year to enjoy the first vacation in botanical garden.

It represents culture and flora in tropical areas so that it looks unique in US. Due to the amazing species and plants, it changes the botanicalbotanical gardens naples garden to be the fantastic one to visit. There is something interesting and attractive for everyone to enjoy and see it. This is a right place to spend your times from tiredness and a hectic day.

Naples botanical garden is being a favorite place for local people and visitors. You must visit there to prove it. This botanical garden is extraordinary with plants settlement and arrangement properly. It is making this garden look shining and sparkling with beautiful lighting system, statues, and plants. The extremely beautiful nature is presented in this botanical garden. It feels so shady, calm, and quiet so that it is appropriate for those finding the calmness.

This botanical garden deserves to visit in a different season. Why could it be? You are still able to explore the beauty of Naples botanical garden in different sides. A new place and fun spots are combined to be one in this garden. The kids can play water fountain, walk around in the botanical garden, and get relaxing there.

You can come to this garden at naples botanical garden hours. Don’t ever miss to come around Orchid garden in this botanical garden. You’ll see magical paradise of orchid flowers. This is still a part of Naples botanical garden.

Becoming Drugs – Free Botanical Garden Naples

Is it safe to take your kids to have a vacation in Naples botanical garden? Yes, sure. This is a cozy and safe place for kids and children. It is a drug – free place so that you can do so many activities there without worries of nicotine, drugs, and negative effects. Even, you can teach your kids about species and types of plants in this garden. This is getting a right medium for giving information to your kids.

Though it is safe for kids, you have to still obey included rules. When the weather is bad, the garden is going to close. This is for the sake of visitor’s safety. It is caused that it is unavailable rain check.

Presenting Magnificent Photography Spots

naples botanical garden hoursNaples botanical garden is one of the favorite photography spots in Florida. For visitors coming to this garden, it is not complete without taking photos, selfies, or swaphotos. There are some promising angles and spots in this garden to be the most suitable photo background. The photography activities are fully supported by staffs.

They allow visitors to capture photos and videos from the visit for private purposes. But, it is banned for commercial purposes. If you want to have swaphoto with your dog, it can be conducted. The dogs are possibly entering to this garden in certain hours. Thus, don’t think twice to explore the beauty of botanical gardens naples florida.

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