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Missouri Botanical Garden

missouri botanical garden

Having a visit to Missouri botanical garden is such the great time especially for the family vacation since there will be a bunch of attractions that can be enjoyed by anyone in any ranges of ages. Having a free time means we have the good chance for enjoying the great vacation or the great time to enjoy the various fun things, including enjoying the beauty of the botanical garden. This botanical garden is also such the great place to put in your wish list or your itinerary if you are going to St. Louis.

This botanical garden becomes one of the favourite places to go there especially for the people who love nature and want to get such the fresh air to refresh their mind. In the botanical garden, there are various attractions which can be enjoyed by the visitors. If you are planning to visit St. Louis then, this botanical garden becomes one of the recommendations for you to visit. Still, before making a decision, it is better to know well about this botanical garden first.

You can get some helpful ideas and information which will be needed if you are going to visit this botanical garden. You can also get an overview on how beautiful the garden is actually. That is why below we have some information which can give you some clue about this botanical garden.

The Beautiful Missouri Botanical Garden

missouri botanical garden hoursIf you are going to have a fu vacation with your family and also the kids, why don’t you consider visiting a botanical garden? Botanical garden st Louis Missouri offers a bunch of goodness for you and it can be something good to go since your kids will also love to spend their time in this garden. They can do a lot of fun activities there, as like exploring the limestone cave, climbing the tree house, hurtling down the Spelunker’s Slide, boarding the steamboat, and many other fun activities which the kids can do there while enjoying the garden. What about the adult? Sure, they can also enjoy various fun activities in the garden as like having a fun picnic, enjoying the various garden activities as like feeding the fishes.

You can enjoy walking around in the beautiful gardens to refresh your mind in the fresh air. This beautiful garden is situated in Shaw Boulevard, the Southwest of the downtown of Saint Louis. For the missouri botanical garden hours, it is open every day, except the Christmas day, from Nine in the morning till five in the evening.

Fascinating Attractions in Missouri Botanical Garden

botanical gardens st louis missouriWe have mentioned above that there are various fun yet fascinating attractions which we can enjoy there, including for the kids. We can enjoy them in the garden and the admission for this botanical garden is about eight dollars for the adults, and then it is free for the kids who are under twelve. However, the kids can also enter the ‘children garden’ for enjoying a lot of fun attractions there with the special admission of about five dollars. That is for kids from three years oil to twelve years old. Sure, the complete facilities in this botanical garden makes this tourism object is reasonable to be one of the best places to enjoy in St. Louis.

If you are visiting this garden during the winter especially during the December and January, you have the chance for enjoying the special event in the botanical garden named missouri botanical garden garden glow, which becomes one of the special events which they arrange for the fun attraction in the special occasion, but still you need to get update for such this special event since it also needs to get the tickets.

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