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Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix

desert botanical garden phoenix

Visiting desert botanical garden phoenix can be one of the great ideas if you need such the fun vacation in the area of Phoenix. That is an interesting place for enjoying the adorable yet extraordinary botanical garden as if you are at the desert. Sometimes, we often feel so clueless in deciding where to go for having fun with the family. If you are looking for the ideas of the tourism objects, this botanical garden is such a good idea to be one of your considerations. If you love enjoying the nature, and you want something different in enjoying it, visiting this botanical garden will give you some great refreshment. It is a worth to visit place which can be listed on your must visit place if you are in Phoenix.

That is something good for you to know much more about this place so that you will get an overview regarding to what you can enjoy there, how fun it will be, and many others. In addition, this also becomes one of the interesting places to go if you are going to enjoy the fun vacation with kids. The desert botanical garden is also listed as one of the best attractions in the area of Phoenix. That is the reason why this becomes one of the recommendations for you if you are clueless in deciding where to go in enjoying your vacation in Phoenix. In addition, the information presented below may also give you some ideas and overviews about how the desert botanical garden is and how attractive it is.

About Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix

desert botanical garden hoursThe first things we need to know about the desert botanical garden is about its location. It is located in Papago Park, 1201-N Galvin Phoenix. That is not really difficult to be accessed. Then, before visiting the desert garden, we also need to know about the desert botanical garden hours. The open hour for the general public is from 8a.m. until 8p.m. for October to April, and 7a.m. to 8p.m. for May to September. However, if you have the membership, you can go in from 7 a.m. in Sunday and Wednesday of October to April and from 6 a.m. in Sunday and Wednesday of May to September.

This is such the fascinating place to enjoy the wide ranges of attractions. That is of course including the various flora and fauna. It is including the wide ranges of colourful yet beautiful wildflowers, cacti, and various desert trees. The various trails for the hiking can also be tried. There are many other various attractions which can be enjoyed there, as like the outdoor concerts, expedition of bird watching, and so on.


Some Helpful Tips to Enjoy So Much Fun at Desert Botanical Garden

At Desert Botanical Garden, we actually can enjoy lot of great things there. If you are interested in enjoying this place, here are some helpful tips which you can notice before you go there. One of the info to know is that you need to avoid Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and also 4 July since they are closed in those days. Then, if you are going to visit the garden with your little baby or kids, you can find the kid desert botanical garden luminariesand baby stroller for rent there with the cost of about $6-8 for the general public, and $5-7 for the members.

You can also rent an umbrella for about two dollars, and even an electric scooter for strolling around for about $35. There are also wheelchairs which can be used for free. It is also a good idea for you to go there in evening in some special moments, from thanksgiving until December there so that you will be able enjoying the adorable desert botanical garden luminaries which will look completely beautiful and of course romantic

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