Cleveland Botanical Gardens

cleveland botanical gardens

Cleveland Botanical gardens, located in the Cleveland Ohio, is a garden that contains so many kinds of flowers and plants. This garden was founded in 1930 and formerly it was called Garden Center of Greater Cleveland. This place also offered the workshops and classes for the gardeners. There were several projects of spearheading beautification.

There is a glasshouse called The Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse as the centerpiece of botanical gardens Cleveland. This is worth 50 million US dollars and this building serves as the conservatory basecamp for animal and plant life. Until now there are more than 350 plants species and 50 animals species featured in the glasshouse and the animal includes hundred numbers of butterflies.

The other interesting point of this garden is a children’s garden named Hershey Children’s Garden. This is the first children’s garden founded in Ohio. Other than that, there are also other interesting gardens you can find in this place so you better go to this garden. The ticket can be bought online or directly on the garden’s spot.

Cleveland Botanical Gardens – beauty is just the beginning

For your information, there are plenty of flower kinds even almost all flower kinds exist in the world decorate this garden. We can say that botanical gardens cleveland ohiothe Botanical Gardens Cleveland Ohio makes sense on your life. This place also gives the moral value that every human being should keep the nature alive.

There are at least 20 gardens with unique appearance, dazzling look, and beautiful plants that you have probably never seen them. The glasshouse, the children’s garden, the orchids, and other attractions are just a few things you will see in this garden.

Cleveland Botanical gardens Orchid Show

Orchid Mania is the name of Cleveland Botanical Garden’s orchid show. This show is exclusively designed for the orchid lovers. The orchid show is only available during late January until early March. The ticket can be purchased on the official websites of the garden and if you are a member than you do not have to buy the admission ticket.

The orchid show always takes place on the Hanging Gardens that will bring you to the ancient times with huge imagination on it. You will see so many beautiful orchids with various shapes, sizes, scents, and also colors. The alluring and exotic encounters are the main point that will be delivered to the guests through this show.

Make your wedding interesting

You can make one of the most sacred moments in your life in the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. Once you found the special one to spend your life with then you should start to get the beautiful place to make this moment so beautiful. Cleveland Botanical Garden wedding will be a good option you should try. Just imagine that your sacred moment will be surrounded by hundreds of flowers.

The glasshouse will be a very beautiful set for your wedding. If you want to see the other venues in the garden, there are still at least 10 venues you can see. Rose garden and Japanese garden can be the options you can see too. There is a Terrace with the lily ponds and fountain in it. But if you want the indoor concept for the wedding, you do not have to worry because the garden offers the indoor space too.

Branch Out, the famous tree house – botanical gardens Cleveland ohio

botanical gardens clevelandCleveland Botanical Garden treehouse is also the other interesting attraction you should see. This attraction is available during May 21th until August 28th. Your summer will be much more interesting by visiting the magical series of interactive treehouses in the Botanical Garden. All ages of the guest are welcome to see Cleveland botanical gardens glow.

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