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Chicago Botanic Garden


chicago botanic gardenChicago botanic garden is one of the ideas of the place to visit if you are in Chicago or plan to visit Chicago. Sure, actually there are various places which are great to visit in Chicago. If you are looking for the tourism object which will be great to be visited with your family in any ages including the kids, visiting the botanic garden in Chicago is a good idea. The botanic garden will also be a good place to visit if you completely love to enjoy the nature. Sure, visiting a botanical garden is like a sweet escape from the hectic, crowded, yet full of tension life.

That is why it can be a good recommendation for you who are going to enjoy the free time and fun sweet escape in Chicago. Still, having some ideas and information related to this botanical garden will be totally helpful because we will get some overviews about the botanical garden and we will know what we can enjoy there. It will also help ensuring ourselves to visit this place by knowing much about this attraction. Getting much more info will also give us so much simplicity in making our vacation to run smooth since there are some necessary info which can be obtained there. So, we will get such the successful vacation to the botanical garden of Chicago.

About Chicago Botanic Garden

Enjoying the beautiful botanical gardens Chicago is such a good idea for any of us who love enjoying the nature beauty. This botanical garden is located in Chicago, particularly at 1000 Lake Cook road, Glencoe. We can find a lot of places there where we can enjoy the botanical gardens chicagobeautiful garden to refresh our mind. It will be the great place for enjoying your free day. There, we can find and enjoy about 27 adorable gardens and also about 4 fascinating natural areas which are located in about 0.6 square miles of the land. That is such the great place to go and it is reasonable that this place is stated as one of the best places to go in Chicago.

Some of the great things we can enjoy and be ready for such the excitement are like the Japanese gardens, giant topiaries, recreated prairies, and even the English walled gardens which are all of them are totally beautiful. For you who love bonsai. The wide ranges bonsai collections will make your eyes fresh. After enjoying walking around the garden, you can also enjoy taking a rest while grab your lunch or even fresh drinks at a café which offers the garden view. Summer will be the good time to enjoy such the series of fun things in the garden. However, never forget to wear your comfy outfits and footwear while stay hydrated by bringing your full of water bottle.

What to Notice before Visiting Chicago Botanic Garden Hours

Before visiting the Chicago Botanic Garden, it is better to notice some essential information below. If you are going to enjoy this botanic garden alone, or even with your friends or family and it are going to be self guided, you can simply go getting the complete info first including about the maps. For the admissions, it is actually free but you need to pay for the parking, which is about twenty dollars for each chicago botanic garden hourscar. Since it is such a great outdoor space for the outdoor fun activities, it is better to go there during spring to fall.

The best time will be on summer and during summer, the open hours are much longer. Then, for the Chicago botanic garden hours, it opens daily from 8 a.m. till sunset in April to May, and open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. in June till September.

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