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Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn botanical garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden was built when the NYC area was being developed to become a city center. This botanical garden is made to provide green space to the people of New York. This park is one of the best parks in the world that has a collection of plants from almost anywhere in the world.

Brief history Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The garden was built on 39 acres of land in 1897. The making of the park was then headed by Charles Stuart Gager and made by the Olmsted Brothers. The now 52-acres park was first opened on May 13, 1911. When it first opened to the public, one of the most popular parts was the Local Flora Section. This part is the idea of its first director, Norman Taylor. Norman wanted to create a section of the garden that contains the plants he is or has ever studied (Norman is a researcher of taxonomy).

Brooklyn botanic garden New YorkIn 1912, the park’s design was continued by Harold Caparn. Capran created a design that was then used for more than 30 years. Apart from being a place of recreation, this park also became a place of education about plants visitors, especially children. The park has an activity called Children’s Garden; An activity carried out in a 1-acre vegetable garden. This activity aims to provide information about vegetables and how to plant them. Children will be invited to grow vegetables and be told how to grow them. This activity also involves the child’s parents. Parents will be given knowledge about the nutritional value, benefits, and ways of presenting the right vegetables.

Four years after the opening, it opened another section called Japanese Hill-and-Pond. This section was designed by Takeo Shiota. This section is still built and in its development, it becomes one of the most visited parts. A year after the construction of the Japanese section begins; Brooklyn botanical garden of New York plans the construction of one of the most unique parts of this park. Rock Garden is a place designed as a small habitat for alpine plants. The park then built the Administrative Building and Palm House and formed the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Auxiliary in 1917. In 1925, the park began to open the park bonsai and Shakespeare garden. Both of these sections involve the donation of private collections from Ernest F. Coe and Henry C. Furthermore, almost every year the park continues to build new sections and make improvements, changes, and developments in existing sections.

In 1995, the people of Brooklyn in collaboration with the botanical garden of Brooklyn started an annual contest called the greenest block in Brooklyn. The contest invites Brooklyn residents to campaign on the environment. This is the largest annual event in New York. The greenest block in Brooklyn is not just a contest, but an activity that teaches the importance of environmental sustainability.

One of the greatest programs is the Brooklyn Academy of Science and Environment. This is a school located not far from the Brooklyn garden. This school primarily teaches about the environment. More than 50% of the curriculum contains material related to the environment.

Brooklyn botanical garden cherry blossom

Brooklyn botanical garden cherry blossomSummer is the most time to enjoy the beauty of the Brooklyn botanical garden cherry blossom. Visitors can enjoy the flowers by walking around Cherry Esplanade and Cherry Walk. At the end of April, cherry blossom blossoms will bloom and there is always a cherry blossom festival. Cherry blossom may be synonymous with Japan, but this flower is not originally from Japan, nor is the Japanese endemic flower. Flowers that have a pink color are the focus of visitors Brooklyn garden every year. Not only local visitors, many foreign tourists deliberately come to see the famous Brooklyn’s cherry blossoms.

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