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Bristol Botanic Gardens

bristol university botanic gardens

Back To Nature Life At Bristol Botanic Gardens

This Bristol botanic gardens have over than 4500 species from more than 200 of plant families inside the five acre site. This plant diversity is unique and cannot be found in other else in Bristol area. There are special displays in Bristol university botanic gardens including of: the evolutionary dell (along with the dinosaurs of favorite plants, cycads, ginkgos, Wollemi pine and tree ferns.

There are some south west plants, Western Medical Herb Gardens, Chinese Medicine Herbs Garden, and some Mediterranean collection. The flower diversity also show the incredible and extraordinary flower form which had been evolved to ensure that the flowers were pollinated by birds, mammals, insects, water or wind.

The collection of Angiosperm Phylogeny show the use of DNA for plant classifications and become the first planting which representing this new understanding about plant classifications in United Kingdom. Here, you also able to enjoy the eye level display from the wild lily water when the weather is getting warm.

For the visitor tours, this Bristol botanic gardens also host some of annual events as well, such as: sculpture, jazz, art exhibitions and science picnic. They also run full program of course that offer you with variety topics, such as: vegetable growing, gardening for the wildlife, garden design and the botanical painting. bristol university botanic gardens

These collections were planted for the educational aimed which convey the drama of plants in wildlife, aspects n evolutionary biology and immerse visitors in display, then transporting them into variety different habitats. The big glasshouse provides with the climate condition that suit for many exotic plants, including of: carnivorous plants, cacti, orchids and unique giant water lily Amazon.

There are some evolution collections that told by Botanic Garden by using 5 displays. The evolution of land plants display will show you about how plants can explore this whole planet from sea and progressing chart that come from Cambrian period to the Triassic period.

When you entering the Mediterranean climate region, it will show you from Europe and North Africa along in South Western tip from South Africa that had been planted first. While in the Western and Southern Australian, Californian Mediterranean climate region had been developed. The hard plants from each region had been planted on the summer while the tender plants were found on warm temperature and cool area in glasshouse.bristol botanic gardens opening times

The Bristol university botanic gardens is located on the Stoke Bishop, only few hundred meters from the Durham Down’s edge and you need short walk to take from Bristol zoo. They provide you with resource teaching of plant science, resource for local school, a center for adult education and new culture attraction for Bristol.

The Bristol botanic gardens opening times is start from 10 AM until 4:30 PM. This garden was also open on Monday to Friday and closed on weekend from November to Easter. From Easter until of end October, this garden will open for seven days in a week, including of bank holidays as well. or you can check on website for complete and detail information as well.

Bristol had been described as the city on countryside. This is blossom sire with wide green space to spend your noon or packed with fun play equipment. There are over than 400 gardens and parks in Bristol that you can visit. You can see some recommendations of gardens in bristol, such as: Bristol Zoo Gardens, Greville Smyth Park, Cabot Tower and Brandon Hill, National Arboretum , and more. You can see for other references that you can get from many sources.

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