Botanical Gardens Maine

botanical gardens maine

Botanical Gardens Maine is a botanical garden located in the Boothbay, Maine. This garden stands on the 270 acres land. It needs at least 16 years in planning, planting and building and then in year 2007 the garden was opened for publics. The gardens are the main attraction of the venue but they also provide several spots for visitors such as gift shop and café with theme related to the season.

Besides many gardens that live in the area, there is also a waterfall with multi-level of water named Giles Rhododendron. You can also visit the children’s garden named Bibby and Harold Alfond Children’s Garden and the inspiration of this garden was the children’s literature of Maine. There are still several names of the gardens such as the Vayo Meditation Garden, Haney Hillside Garden, Cleaver Event Lawn & Garden, Slater Forest Pond, Burpee Kitchen Garden, Perennial and Rose Garden, and the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses. All of those gardens are available in Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

There are also sculptures made by several fine artists and most of the artists came from Maine. The rest collections of sculptures are the part of exhibition for temporary used. If you notice, there are numbers of good art and they are the piece of the permanent collection in the Maine Botanical Gardens. The permanent collections are pretty rare though.

Big color explosion at Botanical Gardens Boothbay harbor maine

Boothbay Botanical Gardens festival of lights is just one of the great attractions you can find in this place. But the lights festival is only coastal maine botanical gardensavailable in the end of the year or mid-November until around Christmas. You can enjoy the lights festival from Botanical Gardens Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The festival is a good event you should watch in the winter especially if you live around Maine.

Besides the light festival, you can also enjoy the other things such as dinner, shopping, and lodging and also the other various activities. There will be other businesses going on during the festival too so you better prepare yourself for spectacular show in the winter.

There will be several shuttle buses getting on from the downtown to the gardens and you are allowed to enjoy the riding around the town. After that you can start to have fun with the other visitors too like sing along with Santa. Santa will come by using boat anyway. You better book for a room because the botanical gardens Boothbay Maine Christmas lights festival will be over after midnight.

The story of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

The gardens have a mission to deliver. They want to inspire the meaningful and important connections between people and nature. And for this mission, they will bring the visitors to know horticulture, research, and other educations. We will also explain the brief history of Botanical Gardens Maine.

botanical gardens boothbay harbor maineAs we have said earlier, before the gardens were publicly opened, it needed about 16 years in making plans, planting the plants, and building all buildings in the garden area. The project was ambitious enough and it was started in 1991 by the organization that lived in mid-coast Maine. They are a group of people that have the same values. They want to make a botanical garden and the Maine of New England is the perfect place for the project.

The Botanical Gardens in nowadays stands on the 295 acres and since 2014 it welcomed many people at least 100,000 visitors in a year. The organization is very capable in supporting the future growth related to the visitation matters. And due to the interesting attractions and collections of the gardens, it is highly recommended to visit Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

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