Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

royal botanic garden edinburgh

Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

You just need take one mile from city center and botanical gardens Edinburgh offers you with visitor peace among 72 acres for incredible scenery. The royal botanic garden Edinburgh is one of the best botanical garden in the world. This is can be a pleasure for all families and this garden also offers you with fantastic views that reflect from capital skyline, featuring with Edinburgh Castle that is located only a mile from the city center.

Visitors are able to discover incredible history that derived from 300 years back then learn about its planting and walking around about 70 acres with beautiful scenery. This royal botanic garden Edinburgh or just simply botanic to local that also become botanist’s playground. The scientific center had been made for the plants studying which also become physic garden for growing the medical plants in 1670. Whether you are plant lover, wandered, search for you curiosity, there are some reasons why you should visit this garden.

royal botanic garden edinburghThe Glasshouse also becomes special attention point. This is start from Victorian Temperate Palm House that back on 1958 and become one of the tallest traditional of palm house that ever made. The Garden’s having their different climate zone, come up with tropical zone to arid desert. This is also become a house for more than 3000 exotic plants from around the world, including of 200 years palm tree.

The visitor can enjoy the peace space from Chinese Hillside and exploring the world famous of Rock Garden or you just simply walking on Giant Redwoods in Woodland Garden. Plus, there are fine artworks that you can see on contemporary art gallery on the Inverleith House.

The botanical gardens Edinburgh also open all year, hosting for program events, guided tours and many exhibitions as well. even the Garden’s restaurant also involve become the award winning Gateway Restaurant and the Terrace Cafe which provide you with warm and cool along with a good quality for all tastes.

Beautiful Simply Botanic in Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

There are so many plants that bring you remember with iconic Alice in Wonderland scene. This is the feeling when you enter botanical gardens Edinburgh. With living collections over than 13.302 plan species and almost 273.000 for individual plants, this is no surprise that the amounts are increasing about 4% from all known plant species. You can imagine the kaleidoscope with bright color that intimidates this garden.royal botanic garden edinburgh

Did you know that this garden also become the second oldest botanic garden in whole UK. This is true, after Oxford, this historical and mystical garden become the second oldest botanic garden in UK. The basis of plants from this garden had appeared in 1672 by Sir Patrick Murray. After he died in 1671, the plants from his garden had been transferred to Edinburgh.

There is also Cryptogrammic Garden that become miniature of Eden, this is quite unique, cryptogram was the plants without any flowers or seed which reproduced by spores. Although it has lacking flower, this specific plant is also very fascinating by their own way.

botanic gardens edinburgh opening timesOther alluring spot is derived from giant lily pond that also becomes unique sight. This is a fine species of plant which known as giant water lily or Victoria Amazonia was the species from largest water lily with the floating leaves that can reach 3 meters for diameter. The submerged stalks were about 7 to 8 meters under water.

The botanic gardens Edinburgh opening times, March to September 10 AM to 6PM, February to October 10 AM to 5 PM and November to January 10 AM to 4 PM. It closes on 25 December and 1st January. This Botanic will catch up your imagination and had been popular for horticultural excellence.

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