Botanical Gardens Cambridge

cambridge university botanic garden

Blooming Your Vacation in Botanical Gardens Cambridge

Botanical gardens Cambridge is a place where you able to discover plants that spread across the Globe in 40 acres of beautiful glasshouses and gardens as well. This garden had opened since 1846, Cambridge University botanic garden develops and show you with over than 8.000 species of different plants that also become beautiful landscape.

You can take a time to explore ad enjoying the winter garden, incredible collection of mature trees and glasshouse. John Stevens Henslow as Professor of Botany had been founded the Botanic Garden 1846 as mentioned before. When you exploring the garden, there are many interesting features, such as: lake, rock gardens, Chronological bed and more. This garden also has nine national collections, which is including of Fritillaria and Geranium.cambridge university botanic garden

Since had been opened in 1846, this garden had been an inspiration for gardeners around the world and exciting introduction to the natural world for many fairies and refreshing space for the visitors as well. This garden also had been listed as heritage and had been designed for year round interest and seasonal inspiration, so every time you visit, you will find the plants which show you charm side and intrigue. You can check on their official site to know the Cambridge botanical gardens opening times, this is because they have different opening times and might subject to change as well. So, before you visit it, you should check their opening times first. The ticket also starts from £4.95 per ticket (senior with gift aid and £5.00 per ticket (adults), or you can get free when you are under 16 years old (accompanied by adult).

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

The garden visitors also can take the seasonal trails around the garden as well. On winter, the fallen leaves means that the visitor could enjoy the bare bones from this wonderful garden, while on the other time on a year, the head of horticulture choose variety plants that become the best. This is also happen on each week basis, gve the staying power in this botanic garden and gives you other reason why you should come back after week. This is can be your one of best place to spend time with your family and getting fascinating by beautiful plants.

cambridge botanical gardens opening timesInside the glasshouse, you will find full of year interest that derived from daintiest alpine then go to the tropical climbers. The displays also focus on environments which occupy the suite of house that had been connected by corridor for 80 meter lengths. This place was planted with soft and showy plants, such as: Hibiscus, Orchids, Bougainvillea and other beautiful paradise plants on ornamental display.

When you exploring the garden, visitors also able to find Cory Lodge. There are some rare trees specimens hat can be found around the lodge and those lodges had been used to as the residence of Botanic Garden’s director. Nowadays, there is a library and most of books tell about practice Horticulture that had been used by the garden staffs to research and maintenance the garden.

This botanical gardens Cambridge also host with variety events. This garden also becomes the most state of the art plant research Centre in England. So, there are many leading scientist try to find a way to preserve the plants and find the other secrets that related with biological. There are some projects were also ad undertaken by University Class and students from variety major, such as: computer science, Earth Science, Plant Science, Archaeology, Zoology Department and more. They also provide you with Cambridge botanical gardens parking that will make you more convenience.  You also do not have to worry because there are some accommodations for guest staying.


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