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Botanic Gardens Belfast


Gardens Belfast and Palm House

Botanic Gardens Belfast and Palm House

This botanic gardens Belfast had established in 1828. The garden had been enjoyed as the public garden by Belfast peoples since 1895. There is the wide rise garden and long border of herbaceous and the rare oaks tree that had been planted in 1880s which is also including hornbeam leafed oak.  This Belfast botanic gardens is located near with Queens University Belfast. This Botanic Garden also become important part from Belfast’s Victorian History and become popular meeting spot for residents, tourist and students.

This is designed by Charles Lanyon, the Palm House was become one of the earliest sample from the curvilinear cast iron of glasshouse. The contraction had been initiated by Belfast Botanical and Horticultural Society in 1830’s both of wings were completed on 1840 and had been built by Richard Turner from Dublin who later also built the Great Palm House in Kew Gardens.

That Palm House also reflects unique color and scent by using several plants, such as: begonia, geranium, fuchsia and built display, the construction of Palm House had been started on1839 and the Tropical Ravine or Ferbery had completed on 1889. This is also become a fine example for Horticultural Victoriana. The Tropical ravine contain of some oldest seed plants around today, such as: cinnamon, orchid plants, banana and bromeliad.

Visiting Botanic Gardens Belfast and Palm House

Botanic Garden was made in response of public interest in horticulture and botany. This was originally had been known as Belfast botanic gardens, the space that contain of exotic trees ad impressive plan across the southern globe and much things that you can see on garden. Nowadays, this garden had been so popular among the residents, visitors and students. This is also important venue for concert, festival and other botanic gardens Belfast events. This is becomes the house for Palm House and Tropical Ravine.botanic gardens belfast events

The Palm House containing of wide range tropical plants, seasonal display, hanging basket, bird’s paradise and become one of the earliest sample of glasshouse that had been made from curve iron and glass as mentioned before. This is also show about how advance the glasshouse technology which might allow the horticulturists to grow the exotic plan during Victorian period.

Similar with Palm House, the tropical ravine also allowed gardeners to prow the unusual species inside the glasshouse environment. There are interesting features, such as: flowering vines, tree ferns, leaf silhouettes and plant-filled with the sunken glen.  So, this is can be your recommendation to spend your time with family by enjoying exotic plants.

However, you there is restoration of Tropical Ravine because the ravine had become old, but ready to be restored and back into their glory as well. this is use 21st century modern touch which can make it as the one of popular tourist destination in Belfast. So, the Tropical Ravine is closed during the restoration process. But the garden will remain open, this is only for botanic gardens Belfast tropical ravine and some plants had been transferred into Palm House. So, we can wait for update about when this Tropical Ravine will be re-open.botanic gardens belfast

The Writing from Ravine project had been developed with the aim to decorate and hoarding surrounding the Tropical Ravine sites during restoration £3.8 million. This is aimed to explore the Botanic Garden Heritage through the series from creative writing workshops which also involved over than 400 participants. So, you will able to see new art piece in this Tropical Ravine.

For opening time. Middle April to middle August 10:00-21:00, the date closing might be so vary. The Palm House will open from April to September 10:00-16:45. On October to March: 10:00-15:45. There id free access to the gardens, except during special events.

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