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Berlin Botanical Garden

berlin botanical garden

Exploring Berlin Botanical Garden as Second Largest Botanical Garden in the World

With over than 22.000 of type plants, this Berlin botanical garden had been ranked among the three most important botanical gardens in the world. This is made on 1897 and 1910 according to the architecture plan by Alfred Koerner. This Berlin botanical garden stretch 43 hectares were also becomes wonderful place to take a stroll as well.

This botanical garden had been divided into 3 areas, they are: the park like arboretum which contain of woody plans and roses, the exhibition area which shows the plants from across the globe in their context of geo-graphical; and collection for 1500 types of plants which had been specified categorized as well. There is garden that has 3000 square meters large which focus on touching and smelling for wide range variety plants for guests who were visually impaired or in wheelchairs.

berlin botanical gardenThe gardens have sheer six and the lush density that makes the plant life is so overwhelming, especially when take some numbers that there are some plants were endangered in their natural habitat. There are sixteen greenhouses, landscape that show the diversity, a house for the flowered fines, tall timber bamboo, rock cliff waterfalls, orchids, the land of ferns and more.

The Victoria House also gives you tropical environment which also perfect for the sweltering humidity that suit for lily families and orchids. The bamboo bridge will bring you to pass into exotic plant paradise.

As mentioned before that there are sixteen greenhouses that were located in geometrical arrangement on eastern edge, this is including of tropical greenhouse that had been built on 1907 which is 25 meters high and 1700 of square meter large as well. This is become one of the largest in the world and become the superb sample for 19th century glass and iron structure.

This Berlin botanical garden had been located on Königin-Luise-Straße and had been created based on the Former Royal Herbarium beside its comprehensive scientific for plants collection, this is also become Europe’s only museum which is pyre of botanical in nature. This botanical garden was not only for summer spot, even in winter you are still able to find Africa’s flora, East Asia, Australia and season path of Mediterranean.

As mentioned before those 43 hectares with 22.000 of plant species, one visit might not get you to see everything. Ensure that you make your whole day on there and do not miss the Great Pavilion, which are 20 meter and 30×6 lenght that also become the largest glasshouse in the world.berlin botanical garden christmas

The other must see is displays that include of carnivorous plant, the giant water lily families, small cemetery which were located of the left of green house when you come from Königin-Luise-Platz access. When you bring your child, the greenhouses always can be incredible experience in your child. No matter what the weather outside, when you enter inside, you will feel warm and humid. So this is bring you to the Jungle Book scene that give you climate changes dramatically.

There are some Berlin botanical garden events as their regular events, some of them were specially for children. This is including of legendary Halloween Festival with scary stories, pumpkin carving, kid’s theater and more. So, this is can be your best reference to get special events and create incredible memory together.

On November and December, there is Berlin botanical garden Christmas that will turn into bright colored winter with magical illumination, light sculpture and magical woods. The Berlin botanical garden Christmas invites the visitor to relax and enjoy the event. There is also warm fireplace along with local culinary meals.

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