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Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Atlanta botanical gardens

Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a place where you can find amazing plants and animals. The place is famous for the Canopy Walk was first opened in 2010. First opened in the springtime exhibition event, it introduced the use of energy-efficient garden lights. Like other botanical gardens in America, this park also has a cherry blooms garden which was introduced in 2011.

Beautiful Botanical Gardens Lights Atlanta

This park has the best light show in the world. This place offers the best night tour you may ever get. Various decorative light shows can be found in this place. It offers views of the rainbow-colors lights show on this 30-acre site. A tunnel deliberately equipped with orchestral lights, and galaxy ornamental lights that you can enjoy using trains. One part of the park called Cascades Garden featuring liquid lights. This section also features Starry Night attractions inspired by one of the world’s greatest artists, Van Gough.

Atlanta botanical gardens concertsThe botanical garden lights Atlanta remains consistent with environmental sustainability missions at this art show. All the lamps used are energy-saving LED lights, each lamp is claimed to be 80% more efficient than other similar lamps. It was started back in 2011 when the garden light show used almost a million energy-saving lamps. The garden itself was awarded for a record number of visitors at the opening of the garden light show that reached more than 500,000 people.

Visitors can see the garden light show every night in the summer. If you want to borrow this place should come early in the season. As one of the most popular annual events in the United States, you should buy tickets a few days before your visit. Tickets went on sale in early November, a few weeks before the event opened. Ordering tickets before the visit will keep you away from the long queue in front of the counter and you will have the chance to enjoy the main shows of the event. This event has several major events on certain days whose tickets will be very quickly exhausted.

The garden light show is an extraordinary attraction for anyone; it makes this event always crowded with visitors, especially on certain nights that coincide with main shows/events. Tickets for main events are more expensive than regular days. Expensive ticket prices do not reduce the number of visitors but more visitors. Visitors not only crowded the area of events but also to other places around the botanical garden. You who come from distant places should make hotel and restaurant reservations that are located close to this beautiful annual event.

This year, the botanical lights event is bigger than the previous shows. Lasers and live music will further add to the excitement of this event. In addition to the light show, this year’s show will feature many DJs and musicians. They will play thematic songs, adjusting to the light show theme; Adjust to the theme of each section. Live music can usually be found in other events, namely the garden concert, but times you will also find live music in the lights show (just as an additional element, not a show). The DJs and musicians will play mostly calm and peaceful songs.

Atlanta Botanical Garden Concert

botanical gardens lights AtlantaThis is what people waiting for, a concerts from various famous artists. Radiohead is one of the main magnets of the concert. The Phillip Arena will be the stage for one of the best bands that already have 8 albums during their 25 years of music career. Tickets for this Atlanta botanical gardens concerts are very quickly exhausted; you should order tickets for garden concert from the beginning of ticket sales opened.

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